Doug Edgell (pronounced EDGE – all)
is a guitarist and vocalist from Oakmont PA. 
His performance consists of a wide variety of songs and genres. 
Acoustic pop, rock, country, jazz, blues and reggae are all within his musical reach! 
Frank Sinatra to The Lumineers - The Beatles to Bob Marley - Maroon 5 to Chris Stapleton - 
Doug has a unique ability to  “cover a song and make it his own.” 


What people are saying...

“His voice is smooth and spot on, perfectly complimenting his intricate and deft guitar playing!” 
Bill R. 

“Easily one of the best local performers in the Pittsburgh area.” 
Phil C. 

“I have heard Doug many times, he is a great singer & guitarist & very entertaining.
I always look forward to seeing him!” 
Mary M. 

“Really nice!  Not sure why  with your incredible talent  you don’t have at least 500,000 subscribers!” 
Ed P. 


Fun facts:
Doug is a graduate of West Liberty University with a degree in classical guitar. 
After graduation he recorded and toured with his group Sleeping Giants. 
Radio airplay and performances on shows such as “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”
cemented the groups popularity during this time. 
Live performance from Starlake Amphitheatre 2007! - HERE

original music samples...

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